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What is considered a White Collar Crime

A term White Collar Crime was used comparatively resent by Los Angeles white collar crime lawyers. Since 1930 a non-violent crimes that involve financial frauds started to be referred to as a white collar crimes. Not only white collar crimes are complicated, but also time consuming. There are a number of crimes that fall under this category. At the present time, such crimes included property and economic frauds. For instance, the most convicted white collar crime in Los Angeles area is embezzlement. Such crime is commonly committed by a person who was entrusted with finances or personal documentation. For example, accountants, bookkeepers or brokers are often convicted of this crime.

Over last few decades the growth in insurance related frauds went up. Specifically, frauds involving Medi-Cal. Often, the prosecution results from allegations of misleading billing. In general, such crimes are prosecuted through Attorney General’s Office. As can be seen, such crimes are treated with all seriousness and should be defended by the best available white collar attorneys. For this reason, you should hire our Los Angeles white collar attorney because of our unmatched experience and expertise in this area.

Following Is a List of Some White Collar Crimes:

  • Extortion. It is also referred to as blackmail. It is defined as a use of force or threats to make someone give you money, property or perform services.
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • All insurance related frauds, including Medi-Cal and Workers Compensation.
  • Financial Frauds. For instance, false financial statement, income tax fraud, credit card fraud etc.
  • Bribery
  • Mail Fraud
  • Computer Crimes

Criminal Process for White Collar Crimes

White Collar CrimeFirst thing to remember, white collar crimes vary in complication of a structure and seriousness. In other words, the more complicated the plan of illegal activity and the more serious the fraud, the greater the punishment.

Let’s take a look namely at process step by step. First, the law enforcement will investigate your case. In most cases, the investigation is lengthy. However, as soon as you learn that you are being investigated you should hire our Los Angeles white collar crime attorney. In fact, having our white collar attorney early on in your investigation process, will significantly raise your chances of reducing your charges.

Second, once the investigation is over, your case is turned in to prosecutor. At this point, the arrest warrant will be issued by a judge. Once the warrant is issued, you will be arrested and ordered to remain in custody until the bail is posted.  Now that you are in custody, the arraignment will take place. At the arraignment, the judge will formally introduce the charges in a form of complaint and ask you to state your plea to set bail.

Third, now that the arraignment is out of the way, the judge will set the date for either a preliminary hearing, in case of a felony, or pre-trial, in case of a misdemeanor. In particular, the preliminary hearing has to occur within ten days.

Next, the pre-trial conference will take place. At this point, the prosecution and the defense have discussed the case and will negotiate the plea. In the event that the case cannot be resolved at this step it then will be moved to trial.

How Are White Collar Crimes Handled In Court

In general, white collar crimes go through jury trial. Both, the prosecution and defense will have a chance at picking of twelve independent citizens, who will determine whether or not you are guilty. Once the trial begins, both sides will present admissible evidence and argue their cases. Now it is time for the jury to make their decision. All twelve jurors must agree that you have committed a crime, in order for you to be found guilty.

In the event that you were found guilty, the judge will set for sentencing. After the trail is over, you will have a right to appeal. The appeal, ordinary, filed to higher court based on legal or procedural grounds.

Why You Should Trust Our Los Angeles White Collar Crime Attorney With Your Case

The answer to this question is rather simple. Our Los Angeles white collar crime attorney is highly experienced in such cases. As a matter of fact, we encourage our clients to research the market, only to find them returning to us.

Our Los Angeles white collar crime defense lawyer has a reputation of highly knowledgeable lawyer in the field of white collar crimes. Through the years of experience, we were able to build a long list of satisfied clients.

In fact, we offer a free initial consultation to review your case and demonstrate our capability to handle your case. To get your free consultation with our Los Angeles white collar crime attorney, call (855) 858-2755 or contact us online.

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