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DUI accidentOfficial statistical numbers demonstrate a very high tendency of accidents caused by drunk drivers, and still more and more people cause serious car accidents under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Innocent people are injured or even die in these accidents, but these facts still do not stop most individuals from getting behind the wheel while being heavily intoxicated.

DUI Accidents And Legal Procedures

Being involved in a car accident may give the law enforcement officers a probable cause for detaining the drivers on scene for the purpose of further investigating into the possible DUI vehicle operators. The police officers have the right to ask if the driver or drivers were drinking, to look inside the car in order to find beer cans or empty bottles as well as any other kind of obvious evidence that would indicate that the person was drinking, to examine a person’s eyes and to ask the drivers to go through certain field alcohol tests. In case a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) equals or surpasses the 0.08% mark, it gives the law enforcement officers the probable cause to arrest the driver or the drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Not all the states have mandatory BAC testing. Most rely on the consent law that can authorize the test for the vehicle operators. Overall, there are general categories when it comes to the BAC testing:

– Mandatory BAC testing – many states all over the country require the drivers, pedestrians or other individuals on the scene, the fatally injured or even deceased ones to get a BAC testing to find out more about the accident. Nearly half of the states all over the country have implemented the mandatory BAC testing regulations.
– Discretionary BAC testing policies – some of the states allow discretionary testing of individuals, who were fatally injured or deceased during the accident in accordance with the officials or the medical examiners. Only 10 states have implemented this regulation so far.

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In case you or your loved ones were involved in a car accident and you believe that a DUI vehicle operator is to blame for the damages, you can file a lawsuit and will need to prove that the driver’s alcohol levels exceed the legal standards. Furthermore, evidence such as the police report, evidence report and witness report (if it is possible) is also necessary to build up a strong lawsuit. One way or the other, it is very important to have a qualified Los Angeles DUI accident attorney by your side – a lawyer, who would have enough skills and experience to hold the DUI driver responsible for his or her actions and who would get you the justice you deserve. If you were accused of a DUI accident, call us now!

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