Duarte Criminal Defense Lawyer

The city of Duarte is a nice quiet community in Los Angeles County. Duarte is located at the foothill of San Gabriel Mountains, which distinguishes Duarte from other cities in the county. The San Gabriel Mountains provide a secluded area with fresh air. The smog, which the Los Angeles is known for, does not reach the city of Duarte which make is it attractive to families.

The city is located on historic U.S. Route 66 and holds the annual Salute to Route 66 Parade on the third weekend of September. The Parade is one of the most significant celebrations that helps bring the community together plus bring outsiders to the city. Unfortunately, due to isolation from population centers, the city of Duarte has been going though some economical hardships.

The city’s economical hardship leads to an increase in criminal activities. Unfortunately, the overall crime rate in Duarte is slightly higher than average. For instance, the occurrence of violent crimes in Duarte is much higher than in most communities of all sizes in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of, say, armed robbery, aggravated assault or murder is one if fife hundred and five.

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The occurrence of property thefts is above the average as well. The chances of becoming a victim of burglary, larceny or arson are seventeen per one thousand. Furthermore, Duarte has one of nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft. Sadly, the chances of having your car stolen in Duarte are one in three hundred and eighty eight.

With such unfortunate statistics, having a good criminal defense attorney handy is very important. Luckily, Duarte’s own state of the art Duarte Criminal Defense Attorney is always there to help. Duarte Criminal Defense Attorney has years of experience in this area of law. Besides he has been a resident of Duarte for years and knows how important it is to help his neighbors through troubled times.