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The city of Downey has a rich history starting as early as approximately eight thousand years ago. The area known as Downey was occupied by Tongva Native American tribe. Later it was settled by Spaniards and became known as one of the largest dairy industries in California. During the World War II the Vultee Aircraft, located in Downey, was producing fifteen percent of all America’s military aircraft. The Vultee Aircraft is also known for pioneering the use of women in manufacturing positions.

Now days, the Downey is a community oriented city with plenty to offer to its residents. In nineteen nineties the city has experienced an increase in gang activity, which stimulated to form GOOD (Gangs Out of Downey), a community based organization, that encourages young people to stay away from gangs. To insure the success of the program, the city has invested in rejuvenating some of the old and building new educational facilities. There is a wide variety of educational activities such as Columbia Memorial Space Center, Downey Art Museum, History Center and Tree House Wildlife Center.

However, the crime rate in Downey is still considerably higher than national average across United States. Even thought, with the creation of GOOD program, the crime rate has dropped significantly, the chances of becoming a victim of violent of property crime in Downey is one in thirty one, which is still higher then seventy four percent of cities in California.

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These statistics keep Downey’s state of the art Downey Criminal Defense Attorney busy all year long. The great experience that Downey Criminal Defense Attorney has gained through the years of practice has given him a great deal of confidence in defending clients with all kind of criminal charges. Be it a driving under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, assault, theft, burglary or any other criminal change the Downey Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help.

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