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The name, Diamond Bar, sounds like there is a story behind it. One would most likely think the city was named after a diamond mine, the discovery of which brought millions of dollars to the State. However, the story is less romantic. In nineteen hundreds the area was occupied mostly by cattle farms. The name, Diamond Bar, comes from two largest farms that used the sign of a diamond and sign of a bar to brand their cattle.

The city is considered an upper middle class city and is a part of a prestigious Walnut Valley School District, which is ranked as one of the top public school districts in California. This made Diamond Bar an attractive location for families with kids. The city of Diamond Bar is a family oriented community.

The city of Diamond Bar is well known as a quiet city, there are only a few bars and lounges and the night life is not as exciting. The city has large Asian community, so the majority of restaurants are Asian cuisine.

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Lack of eventful night life is not very attractive to young and restless, which keeps the city’s crime rate just below the average in United States. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent or property crime in the city of Diamond Bar is one in fifty eight, which means if the city is compared to other cities in Los Angeles County, Diamond Bar has a crime rate that is noticeably lower than average.

However, despite the statistics, minor crimes are still present. Statistically, the most popular crime in the area is thefts, followed closely by burglaries, such crimes as assaults and DUIs are at a very low rate. In case residents of Diamond Bar find themselves in an unpleasant situation of being charged with a crime, they can always turn to Diamond Bar Criminal Defense Attorney for help.

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