Los Angeles Defacing Of Property Attorney

Los Angeles Defacing Of Property Attorneys

Defacing of PropertyLos Angeles defacing of property attorney – defacing of property, also referred to as vandalism, may involve doing damage to one’s property or any real property. The crime may include graffiti drawings and could be committed on both public (traffic lights, street signs, bus stops) and personal property (an individual’s vehicle or his house).

A minor, who is charged with defacing property, could be facing various legal penalties in case he or she has committed a crime. Time is of the essence, so if your child was charged with vandalism, it is important to get in touch with a qualified experienced defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. A skillful Los Angeles defacing of property attorney may be able to dismiss the case and prevent it from ever going to the court.

Vandalism & Graffiti Legal Punishment

Despite the fact that defacing property, vandalism and graffiti are genuinely considered lesser crimes, they could still lead to a number of unpleasant legal penalties. Generally, penalties largely depend on what type of damage was induced and the value of the overall damages. In case the overall value does not exceed $400 the offense is considered a lesser crime. However, in case the damage is worth more than $400, the minor will be facing much more severe legal punishment.

The punishment may include following penalties:

  • Being expelled from school
  • Expensive fines
  • Having to pay for any property damage
  • Making sure that the damaged property is kept safe from any damages and graffiti during a year
  • Attending special counseling programs
  • Being sentenced to a correctional facility

Vandalism Defense Lawyer

In case your child was charged with vandalism or defacing one’s property, it is crucial to get in touch with a vandalism defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Court hearings are different from the standard hearings, so you will need to have an experienced legal representative by your side to help you deal with any legal consequences. A good Los Angeles defacing of property lawyer will have the ability to get the case dismissed before it ever gets to the court, but if it cannot be done, he will make sure that your child’s rights are respected properly and will defend him or her using his entire arsenal of defense strategies. If you were arrested for a defacing of property in Los Angeles, call us now!

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