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“All roads lead to Culver City” was a first ad of the Culver City back in early nineteen hundreds. It has been true ever since. Culver City has it all. The city has a rich history and is a significant center to the motion picture and television production, it offers wide variety of entertainment and overall a great home to its residents.

Culver City has rich history. Archeological evidence shows the area known as Culver City was populated by Tongva-Gabrielino Native Americans since eight thousand BC. Much later, during the American Civil War the area was named Camp Latham and was the first staging area for training of Union troops in Southern California. In early nineteen hundreds the area became known as Culver City and was one of the many all-white communities started in Los Angeles area around that time.

Culver City is a home to some of the major motion picture and television production companies. The first one to move to the area was the Metro Goldwyn Mayer in early nineteen hundreds, later followed by the National Public Radio West, Sony Pictures Entertainment and NFL Network. Many world famous movies have been produced here, for instance, Gone With The Wind, E.T., Air Force One, the original King Kong, Batman, The Green Hornet just to name a few.

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Unfortunately, the city has a reputation of a criminal neighborhood among residents of Los Angeles County. The crime rate is considerable higher than average in Culver City. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent or property crime are one in twenty two. The most popular crime in Culver City is thefts, followed by burglaries, auto thefts and robberies. These statistics keep Culver City Criminal Defense Lawyer busy all year long.

Although, such crime rates are very unfortunate for the city, but for the Culver City Criminal Defense Lawyer it means a lot of work experience. The experience Culver City Criminal Defense Lawyer has gained through the years might be of advantage to any one in need of help with their criminal charges.

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