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Compton is one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles County. Compton was formerly known as a primary African American community, however, this has changed and now the largest ethnic group is Latinos. The misconception is due to the fact that many African American artists and athletes are originally forming Compton. The city gained world fame in nineteen eighties due to popularity of hip hop culture. Many famous hip hop groups and rappers originated in Compton, including gangster rap group N.W.A., Dr Dre, Ice cube and etc.

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Unfortunately, the city of Compton has a bad reputation all over the world. This is partially due to the rise of hip hop culture. The rappers, who came out of the city of Compton, were mostly gangsta rappers who praised the city of Compton as a criminal Mecca. Soon enough the movie industry followed. The city of Compton was used and referred to as a criminal neighborhood in many movies.

Of course, the reputation of one of the most dangerous cities in United States did not just come from the hip hop and movies. The city of Compton is a home to some of the most notorious and violent gangs known in United States – Blood and Crips. In 2005 Compton’s murder and homicide rates had increased significantly. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department began the “Gifts for Guns” program, which gave the residents of the city an option to turn in their firearms in exchange for a $50-$100 check. This program helped lower the crime rate in the city.

Now days, the crime rate in Compton is still considerably high, although, it is lower than in city of Commerce, for instance. The chances of becoming a victim of violent of property crime is on in twenty six and the city is still in top hundred of most dangerous cities in United States. This statistics keep Compton Criminal Defense Attorney busy all year long.