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Commercial DUILos Angeles commercial DUI lawyer – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has very strict regulations when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Commercial truck drivers, bus drivers and other vehicle operators with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are obliged to follow strict rules and regulations, due to a number of very important reasons. Whether a driver is operating a truck with inflammable cargo or perhaps a school bus that is taking the children to an excursion, the risks are incredibly high and the driver will need to be fully aware of his or her responsibility.

The FMCSA has recommended regulations that are followed by the majority of states across the country. The blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers of commercial vehicles is set at 0.04%. Furthermore, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also forbids commercial drivers from operating their vehicles within four hours after alcohol consumption.

Los Angeles Commercial DUI Attorney And Legal Regulations

Commercial drivers may be required to take a blood alcohol content test (BAC) in a number of situations. First of all, the law enforcement officers have the right to pull over commercial vehicles, whose drivers are acting suspicious or careless (speeding, neglecting the traffic lights and so on). Furthermore, commercial drivers may be obliged to get through some random tests that will determine their blood alcohol concentration levels. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the refusal to take the BAC test is punished even harsher than failing it in the first place, since the law enforcement officers will have every right to suspect that you are driving under the influence of alcohol.

When it comes to the legal penalties, commercial drivers who were operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol, risk having their driver’s license suspended for a longer period of time than the usual DUI offenders. This is a strict punishment and people lose their jobs over it. Besides, commercial drivers who were found guilty in DUI even while not being on duty, will be obliged to notify their employer within 30 days after the incident. Finding a new place of employment with a DUI record in personal history is incredibly difficult for any commercial vehicle operator.

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If you are a commercial driver and were arrested in line with the DUI charges, it is extremely important you get in touch with a qualified Los Angeles commercial DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity. He or she will be able to review all the evidence and will go over the arrest process in order to make sure that the law enforcement officers did not make any mistakes, which violated the client’s legal rights. Only a good Los Angeles commercial DUI lawyer will have the experience and the expertise to minimize the sentence to make the hearing go as smoothly as possible. If you need an experienced commercial DUI lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Criminal Specialists today!

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