Claremont Criminal Defense Attorney

Claremont is a city located on the eastern border of Los Angeles County at the foothill of San Gabriel Mountains. In 2007 the city of Claremont was rated as the fifth best place to live in the United States by CNN/Money Magazine. The city of Claremont is a beautiful green community with rich history and wide variety of opportunities for the residents.

The area of the city of Claremont used to be a beautiful orange valley, which has succumbed to residential areas in past years. However, the city kept its greenness and now known as “The city of trees and PhDs”.

The PhD part of the city’s nickname comes from Claremont’s many educational institutes. The Claremont College is a state of the art establishment that offers educational opportunities for anyone and everyone. The Claremont College is also one of the largest city’s employers.

The significant portion of city’s commercial activities revolves around “The Village”. Located west of the Claremont College, The Village is a center of everyone’s attention at night time. The Village is a collection of street front shops, art galleries, restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get in trouble with law when there is such a variety of alcohol involved activities as in The Village. That when Claremont Criminal Defense Attorney comes into play.

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Given the fact, that Claremont is mostly college town, the crime rate is considerably high. Statistically, young adults get in trouble with law more readily, especially, if the alcohol is involved. Be it a driving under the influence of alcohol or other drug, bar fight or an emotional argument between a couple, the police is there to make an arrest. Luckily, Claremont Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help any time of day or night.