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CarjackingLos Angeles carjacking attorney – taking a vehicle from another individual through the use of violence or intimidation is a serious crime that is punishable by law. This offense is a felony and may lead up to nine years of incarceration in a correctional institution as well as a strike from the Three Strikes Law. It is not a misdemeanor and will be treated accordingly. Furthermore, the convicted will be obliged to serve nearly 90% of his entire sentence to become eligible for the parole options.

In addition, if the offender will kill a person during the act of carjacking (regardless of whether it was an accident or even an unintentional kill), this person will be also charged with a first degree murder crime that can result in even harsher legal consequences.

The severity of legal penalties also depends on numerous factors. If the crime was related to a gang or if an individual was injured, if a gun was used in the process or if the person was kidnapped, the consequences will be much more serious. If you or your loved ones were accused of carjacking, it is important not to lose time and to get in touch with an experience as well as genuinely qualified Los Angeles carjacking lawyer, who had to deal with similar cases before and who knows exactly how to craft a solid defense strategy to help in a situation like this.

There are other crimes that may be associated with the carjacking offense as well. These may include grand theft auto, robbery, joyriding, kidnapping, battery and more. All of these crimes may add to the consequences and may give a huge advantage to the prosecution.

Seasoned California Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our lawyer will be able to use certain defense strategies. For instance, you have mistaken the car, you had the owner’s consent to drive his or her vehicle or you did not use force or violence in the act. Therefore, if you were accused of carjacking and need legal representation, it is crucial to hire a good lawyer, who will be able to devote his attention to your case in full. Working with a public attorney may not be such a good idea, since they always have their hands full with other cases. If you wish to get out of this condition with minimal legal damages or even to get the case possibly dismissed, contacting a qualified Los Angeles carjacking lawyer is your best option. If you were arrested for carjacking in Los Angeles, contact us now!

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