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Calabasas is a beautiful city located in the hills west of San Fernando Valley. It is considered a wealthy area due to the estate prices. The city of Calabasas is a wonderful area to live in and a great home to its residents. The city has a strong since of community and oriented towards its residents more than anything else.

The name “Calabasas” comes from Spanish calabaza, which means “pumpkin”. Legend has it; the farmer from Oxnard spilled a wagon full of pumpkins on the road towards Los Angeles. The following spring, hundreds of pumpkins sprouted alongside the road. Ever since, Calabasas is known for its wild pumpkin plants in the area. To honor its name, the City of Calabasas holds an Annual Pumpkin festival in October. Though the place of the festival has change from the actual roadside, where the spilling is believed to have happened to a Juan Bautista de Anza Park, the significant of the event has only increased through the years. Now days, the Calabasas Pumpkin festival is a well known and attended event with carnival games, demonstrations, exhibition and live entertainment.

Calabasas is a home to many wonderful sights including Leonis Adobe, one of the oldest buildings in south California, Hindu Temple, a breath taking place of worship, which is visited by Hindus from all over the United States, and many other attractions.

The city of Calabasas got its world fame form the popular reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The entire show was filmed in the area, since the stars of the show, the family of Jenner-Kardashian, live there. The Kardashians are not the only famous people who reside in the city of Calabasas, for instance, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Kanye West and many other actors, musicians and athletes.

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Calabasas is considered safer than sixty percent of the cities in United States. However, mistakes happen and for that Calabasas has its very own Calabasas Criminal Defense Attorney. Be it a DUI, assault, domestic violence or any other criminal charge, Calabasas Criminal Defense Attorney is there to help.