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Burbank is a beautiful town located twelve miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. Burbank is a friendly, community oriented city perfect for the families. The majority of the city’s residents are employees of the motion picture, digital cinema and television studios located in the area.

Burbank is located just a few miles northeast of Hollywood and is a home to numerous media and entertainment companies. The city is known to the entire world by a given name of “Media Capital of the World”.

The migration of the entertainment industry started in nineteen twentieth with First National Pictures. Now days, Burbank is a home to The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Nickelodeon, NBC and Insomniac Games. A lot of the well known and loved TV talk shows including Jay Leno Show and Ellen DeGeneres Show; TV shows, such as Gilmore Girls, Cold Case, ER and etc.; and movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins, Bonnie and Clyde and even Casablanca were filmed in the studios located in the city of Burbank.

Aside from being the “The Media Capital of the World” Burbank is a home for its residents. The city has a wide variety of activities to offer. Burbank has some of the greatest parks for family fun available for the residents and the city’s guests. For instance, the McCambrige Park features state of the art play ground, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool, and lots of green land for picnics. Also, Burbank has one of the most romantic and unique restaurants in Los Angeles County called The Castaway. The restaurant is located on the top of the hill overlooking part of the Valley, Burbank and Hollywood.

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Burbank is considered a safe city. However, no place is perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. With all the wonderful activities and sights the city offers, it is easy to get carried away and, for instance, get behind a wheel after a drink in the bar, or get in a passionate argument with someone, or simple get dragged into a street fight, for situations like these, there is Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyer.