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The city of Bellflower was founded by F. E. Woodruff in early nineteen hundreds and originally was named Somerset. However, the name was rejected by the Post Office Department because there was a town with an identical name in Colorado. The name Bellflower was inspired by the Bellefleur Apple, which was growing in local orchards.

The area was settled by Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese immigrant farmers, who organized small cultural communities. The city of Bellflower mainly supplied the county with apples and later moved on to milk and dairy production. Although, the farming days of Bellflower are long gone, the city hosts weekly Farmer’s Market events at the Simms Park.
Now days, city offers a good variety of recreational park. San Gabriel River is one of the best and most loved activity parks in Bellflower. San Gabriel River offers great biking and hiking trail, nice pedestrian walk by the river, which is a nice idea for a date. Aside from daytime outdoor fun the city of Bellflower offers a good variety of night time event, such as summer concerts, festivals, fairs, fine dining, bars and clubs.

However, when there is a night life – there is alcohol, where there is alcohol – there is trouble. Unfortunately, sometimes for some people fun has to be cut short due to temper problems. Emotional people tend to get more emotional and short tempered after they had a few drinks, and that’s what gets them into trouble with law. Bellflower Criminal Defense Lawyer is there to help in situation like this.

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