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Bell Gardens is a small city located just east of the City of Bell. The city holds one of the riches agricultural lands in the county. The richness of land attracted different groups of people throughout the years. For instance, the city of Bell Gardens has Native American history dating back to 500 B.C. and was a home to Gabrielino Indians. Later, the territory was settled by Spaniards and was a home to one of California’s first families, the Lugos, who greatly helped with development of the area.

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Bell Gardens is a home to one of the largest Hispanic communities in the Los Angeles County. According to the 2000 census, Bell Gardens takes seventh place after East Los Angeles, Walnut Park, Huntington Park and Boyle Heights. Even though, the city is considered a safe environment and statistically is safer then 40% of cities in United States, Bell Gardens is a home to some of the largest Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles County, among which are Bell Gardens Locos (BGLs), King Kobras (KKR) and Jubeniles. As a consequence, the most popular crime in the city of Bell Gardens is thefts, followed by auto thefts and burglaries, which keeps Bell Gardens Criminal Defense Attorney busy all year long.

Bell Gardens is one of five cities in Los Angeles County to permit gambling and is a home to one of the largest casinos – Bicycle Casino. Even though, Bicycle Casino does not permit dice games and slot machines, it allows all kinds of card games including poker. Bell Gardens’ Bicycle Casino hosted several major poker tournaments including the Legends of Poker. Such a large casino attracts people from all over the county, which can often create trouble. When there is gambling and alcohol involved there is always a wide variety of legal trouble starting with DUI and ending with street fights and assaults. For situation like this there is Bell Gardens Criminal Defense Attorney.