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Bell is one of the smallest cities in Los Angeles County. The size of Bell is its benefit. The city is a great place for someone who loves living in a community, where everybody knows your name. The city has all the essential s to offer to its residents, such as parks, libraries, great schools.

The city of Bell has a very rich history. Long before it became the city as we know it, it was populated by the Gabrielino Indians, who migrated to the area in 500 B.C. Later, in sixteenth century, the area was settled by Spaniards, among which was one of California’s first families, the Lugos. In late eighteen hundreds the pioneer resident James G. Bell, for whom the city was named and his family moved in the area. Everyone and anyone can visit their Victorian style home – the Bell House. Now days, the city of Bell is one of not many charter cities, which means the city has the governing system, that is defined by the city’s own charter, the grant of authority.

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Unfortunately, city of Bell had aсquired bad reputation over the last fifteen years. The first hit to its reputation was in March 2000. The city gained world fame as media announced that a shipment of Oscar statuettes was stolen from a loading dock of Bell’s trucking company. Earlier that month 4,000 Oscar ballots gone missing and coincidentally appeared in Bell’s processing center. The city was jokingly named “a Bermuda Triangle for Oscar things”.

Later, in 2010, the city of Bell was hit with bad fame again after The Los Angeles Times published a revealing article, accusing Bell city officials of corruption. This caused a large scandal. After further investigation the California Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against eight former City of Bell employees. Despite the bad fame, city of Bell is actually a safe neighborhood. However, mistakes happen and in case a resident finds him or herself in trouble with law, they can always turn to Bell Criminal Defense Lawyer for help.

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