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Avalon is one of the most beautiful cities in Los Angeles County. It is located in a stunning bay on the Santa Catalina Island. The city is mainly a tourist oriented resort community. Avalon offers a wide variety of exciting activities to its residents and guests and has something to fulfill almost any demands and desires. Avalon is famous for its water activities, hiking trails with stunning views and golf courses for day time fun and casino, fine dining, bars and clubs for night time festivities.

Avalon’s beautiful bay area provides majority of work places for the residents of the island and tons of fun activities for the city’s guests. Water activities are designed to attend to all ages and tastes. It includes, but not limited to, boat rides, sailing, dolphin and whale watching, fishing, jet sky, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving.

Water activities are fun, however, there’s also a wide variety of inland activities during the day. Avalon offers one of the most spectacular hiking trails with breath taking view, biking, zip line and Arial Adventure Parks, for those who like to receive a dose of adrenaline. These fun activities involve a lot of walking and require a good amount of energy, so if you are not up to walking around, but still would like to enjoy the scenery, there are air tours of the island.

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Aside from all the fun day time activities, Avalon offers a good variety of night life festivities. Again, there’s something for everyone. Avalon Theater offers classic elegance, the movies might not be up to date, but when was the last time you went to the real theater for the show. For those who are feeling lucky, the Catalina Island Casino opens its doors and offers a variety of guilty gambling pleasures.

Being a resort community, Avalon is considered a very safe city. The crime rate is very low, however, with alcohol involved there is always a risk of getting in trouble. For that there is an office of state of the art Avalon Criminal Defense Attorney. If you found yourself in unpleasant situation and in need of a legal help, do not hesitate to contact Avalon Criminal Defense Attorney right away. While you are on vacation the Avalon criminal defense lawyer is on call and ready to help any minute.