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Artesia is a city located in southeast of Los Angeles County. Artesia might be a small city, but it is very rich historically and culturally. The city has a rich mixture of cultural minorities and provides very informative and immerging experience for everyone who is willing to try. The city was once a home for number of historical people, such as former First Lady Pat Nixon.

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The city of Artesia was established in late eighteen hundreds and named for the many flowing Artesian wells in the area, which made the land ideal for farming. In early nineteen hundreds a wave of Portuguese and Dutch immigrants developed the city into most important dairy district in Southern California.

One of the most famous landmarks is The Artesia Water Tower. There is little known about the date it was constructed, however, since the tower sits on the Artesian well, which was built in 1911, it is assumed the tower was built around the same time. The tower is not only famous for its historical significant, but also, for being featured in the final part of the famous and highly popular horror series “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”.

Artesia is well known for its International Cultural District. The district is populated with Indian owned stores and restaurants. People from all over the county come to the city of Artesia just to emerge into Indian culture and cuisine. Aside for historical significant and cultural diversity, Artesia has plenty to offer to its residents. One of the most popular places is The Artesia Park and Community Center, which offers variety of activities from sports to educational classes.

However, even though there are plenty of activities, some of the city residents get in trouble with law. Overall, the city’s crime rate is comparably low, but there is still criminal activity, such as theft, burglary and assault. These criminal activities keep Artesia Criminal Defense Attorney busy all year long.

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