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The city of Alhambra is located in the western San Gabriel Valley region just a few miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. The city was named after a book “Tales of Alhambra” by Washington Irving’s, who, in turn, was inspired by visiting the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. Originally, Alhambra was promoted as a “city of homes” due to high number of historically significant homes.

In mid nineteen hundreds the city of Alhambra has experienced waves of immigrants from Italy, China, Mexico and etc., which greatly influenced the development of the city. The new comers quickly established cultural business districts, which, in turn, influenced the architecture of the city’s and cultural arena.

Now days, Alhambra is known as a quite suburb of Los Angeles. However, the night life is blooming in the downtown area of the city. Alhambra has something to offer for all kinds of demands and interests. There are several theaters and concert halls for the classical music loving people, there are museums and galleries for the art oriented leisure time, there are fine dining and lounges and etc.

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Alhambra is also famous for its night clubs and street bars, such as Azul Ultra Lounge, the Granada LA and Havana House Cigar and Lounge. There is always something going on in Alhambra. Such an exciting life after dark always keeps music pumping and alcohol flowing. Of course, this may mean trouble for some fun loving people. When there is an alcohol, there’s trouble.

Even though, Alhambra is considered safer than thirty five percent of the cities in the United States and overall a safe place to live, such an active night scene can lead to trouble and criminal charges for some unfortunate fun lovers. For situations like this there’s Alhambra Criminal Defense Lawyer. Unfortunately, with alcohol involved there’s always heightening of emotions and impairment of judgment, which can easily cause a major life change and not for the better. Alhambra Criminal Defense Lawyer is there to help everyone and anyone through tough times.