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Agoura Hills is a beautiful and fun place to visit, let alone to live in. The city and its surroundings offer vast verity of activities, which can please nearly everyone, beginning with beautiful secluded hiking trails and ending with fascinating music scene.
The area of the city was first settled by the Chumash Native Americans nearly ten thousand years ago. Of course, in late eighteenth century it was settled by Spanish missioners, which left a significant print on the architecture of the city itself and its surrounding. Make sure to check out the Reyes Historical Site for a complete historical experience.

The main attraction is the hills themselves. Favorably located throughout the city, mountains offer many stunning hiking trails at hand’s reach. This nature’s treat will leave anyone breathless with scenic Agoura Hills views of city and the mountain valleys and will keep your wallet untapped, except for occasional fair parking fee.

The night live in Agoura Hills thrives as much as the serenity of the hills. Agoura Hills is a home to the Pacific Festival Ballet California Dance Theater. This particular ballet theater is worldly famous for their annual production of The Nutcracker. Agoura Hills is particularly famous for the thriving music scene. The most popular place for best music performances is definitely The Canyon Club. Best musicians from all over the county come to play or get inspired at The Canyon Club. A few world famous musicians performed here at the very begging of their carriers.

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Aside from The Canyon Club there are other fun and unique restaurants and bars, such as Pardi Martini Bar for instance. This variety of fun and alcohol involved activities can sure lead to trouble and criminal charges, be that for drunk driving, bar fight or simply an emotional argument between a couple, which can be considered as a domestic violence. In case you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, please do not hesitate to ask for help from well respected Agoura Hills Criminal Defense Attorney.