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Man Arrested For Hiding Small Cameras in a Restaurant’s Ladies’ Bathroom – Suspected of Child Porn Manufacturing

The owner of a small Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks – Bahram Javaherian (65), was recently arrested under the suspicion of child porn. The law enforcement authorities received a tip from an anonymous employee of the restaurant, who discovered that a small camera was attached under the sink in the women’s bathroom. The police confiscated the camera and managed to find hundreds of pictures on the digital device. We are talking about women and their children – girls, who are only 3-4 years old. In addition, law enforcement officers also managed to uncover the pictures of Javaherian attaching the camera under the sink.

The nearby Japanese restaurant owners and employees are shocked and even scared about what was going on across the street. They are stating that Javaherian often came to their restaurant to eat and seemed quite polite and generally nice. Goes to show that a clever disguise may easily fool just about anyone.

It is now obvious that Javaherian was manufacturing child porn in such a perverted way. But, he was recently released on bail (set at $20,000), and the police are urging anyone who has any additional information on the matter to come forward.

Unfortunately, this is not the first and probably not the last time modern technologies are used to commit such disgusting crimes. In fact, the camera was not that easy to spot – it was the size of a regular lighter.

Regrettably, law enforcement officers are encountering cases of child porn manufacturing and distribution all too often. This is because criminals are learning how to use modern technologies to their advantage. There is a rumor that the internet has a dark side to it, one that is sheltering all sorts of criminal activities – we are talking about people who enjoy watching snuff videos, where other people are suffering, child molesters, who are buying child porn and maniacs who are stalking their next victims. Unfortunately, these rumors are true and people often use the internet to distribute drugs, weapons and child pornography.

Of course, police officers are doing everything in their power to stop those criminals and their activities. Nevertheless, the offenders are much too careful and are constantly using encrypted browsers and reliable channels only.

It is imperative for any victims who were victimized by Javaherian to come forward and testify, since those testimonials will help the investigation and will help put the pervert in jail where he belongs.

Child pornography is a serious offense and one that is deemed as a felony, so it does imply time in state prison in certain cases in addition to fines, community services and registration as a sex offender. Law enforcement authorities will do everything they can to make sure that Javaherian is convicted for his illegal activities and that the victims at least know he is not walking the streets of the city.

Such cases are becoming more frequent and the tendency is quite disturbing overall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight it!

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