Los Angeles Vandalism Attorney

Los Angeles Vandalism Attorneys

VandalismLos Angeles vandalism attorney – according to the Penal Code, an act of vandalism may consist of violently damaging, defacing or destroying one’s property without his or her consent. Most vandalism cases include the following:

  • Carving initials into wood or cement
  • Slashing tires
  • Breaking windows
  • Throwing eggs at houses
  • Tagging
  • Graffiti
  • Scratching a vehicle with a sharp object

The legal punishment for vandalism will be more severe in case the property was damaged for a total worth of more than $400 and in case it could be considered a hate crime. In case your son or daughter also has some previous criminal records, these can have a very negative effect on the given vandalism case as well. In fact, your son or daughter may even be charged with an act of vandalism if he or she was only caught with the instruments that could be used in this offense. Still, in order to convict your child, the prosecutor will have to prove that your son or daughter in fact was intending to utilize these instruments for an act of vandalism.

In various cases, an act of vandalism may be considered a felony and could be punished by incarceration as well as some serious fines. Being a parent, you will be held financially responsible for the damages in case your child was either charged of misdemeanor or felony act of vandalism. A qualified experienced Los Angeles vandalism attorney will be able to come up with a proper defense strategy that will protect your child’s rights.

Vandalism Offense Lawyer Will Help. Everything Is Not Lost!

An experienced vandalism crime attorney will have the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills that will help in dealing with the prosecution and the vandalism charges. Regardless of how serious the charges may be, a good lawyer will be able to review all the available evidence, including police reports and witness statements so as to get a complete picture. In fact, in vandalism crime cases, most of the time, the case can be dismissed at any time, so the attorney may be able to have it dismissed before it ever goes to the court.

Some vandalism cases are treated as adult ones though, so timing is crucial one way or the other and if your son or daughter was accused of vandalism, it is important to get in touch with a good Los Angeles vandalism lawyer as soon as it is possible so as to avoid any unpleasant legal consequences. If you were arrested and charged with a vandalism, call our legal expert to avoid jail!