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spousal abuseMost crimes that are related to the domestic violence are often referred to as spousal abuse (spousal batter). The Penal Code determines it a crime to injure anyone whom you may have be domestically related to, be it a spouse, ex-spouse, the person you live with, father or mother of your child, aunt or uncle and other close or distant relatives.

To convict a person for spousal abuse, the prosecution will have to gather ample evidence that would prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you are guilty of that crime. The prosecution will have to demonstrate that you actually injured a person intentionally as well as willfully via kicking, slapping, hitting, pushing or punching, which resulted in a trauma, an internal or visible injury. Scratches, bruises, redness, broken bones, swelling or fractured ribs are all the types on injuries that may be considered acts of domestic violence or spousal abuse.

It Is Very Important To Get in Touch With An Expert Spousal Abuse Attorney

In case you were charged for spousal abuse, a good defense attorney will be able to come up with several defense strategies that will help you out of this situation. For instance, you may have injured the other person due to an accident or perhaps you were protecting yourself and it was an act of self-defense. In addition, some people falsely accuse their loved ones in abuse to have some kind of revenge. One way or the other, an experienced Los Angeles spousal abuse attorney will find a way to prove that you are actually innocent of the crime to begin with.

It is important for you to understand that being accused of spousal abuse is very serious and may have some very unpleasant legal consequences that will affect your day to day living. Therefore, in case you wish to avoid severe penalties and are inclined to do so with minimal stress, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely get in touch with a good Los Angeles spousal abuse lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Our lawyer will assess the case and will help you to find a good defense strategy within the least amount of time possible.

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