Los Angeles Same Sex Violence Attorney

Los Angeles Same Sex Domestic Violence Lawyer

Same Sex ViolenceIf you were arrested for domestic violence, Penal Code treats same sex couples and heterosexual families in an absolutely identical way. The definition of same sex domestic violence is the same for the abuse between people that live together under the same roof and are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexuals. The individuals may be dating or may be a former couple, they may have children or may not have them.

Criminal charges of domestic violence result from various forms of physical abuse, including pushing, biting, hitting, slapping, kicking, intimidating, abusing sexually as well as verbally and any forms of criminal threats. It does not matter whether it is a same sex abuse crime or a heterosexual case, the prosecution will act equally aggressive in both cases. Hence, if you are charged with a domestic violence crime, do not hesitate to get in touch with our qualified Los Angeles same sex domestic violence lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

Legal Penalties For Sam Sex Domestic Violence Charges

Felony or misdemeanor?
A person can be charged with either a misdemeanor domestic violence crime or a more serious felony domestic violence crime. The choice depends on a variety of factors – on all the circumstances surrounding the crime, the offender’s criminal past and any other details that may influence the judge or the jury.

In case the offender used a weapon or inflicted serious injuries, such as broken bones, the act will be considered a felony. In case the victim is not badly injured or perhaps does not have any injuries whatsoever, the crime is considered a misdemeanor. Of course, if the offender has certain criminal records, they will surely influence the court’s decision.

If you are accused of a misdemeanor domestic violence crime, you are risking to spend up to a year in jail, pay serious fines, attend special counseling and may receive either a restraining or a protective order. Furthermore, you may also be obliged to perform certain community work.

However, in case it is a felony, you may spend up to 4 years in prison, pay the fines, attend special counseling, get a criminal protective or restraining order and perform community services. Legal punishment for same sex domestic violence is quite harsh and this is the reason why you should hire a genuine legal professional to help you handle the matter properly. Such an expert Los Angeles same sex domestic violence attorney will have to have plenty of experience and must be able to act aggressively, doing what is best for the client at all costs. If you were arrested for a same sex domestic violence, contact criminal expert law offices now!

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