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probation violationNo one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, some mistakes have direr consequences than others and some people will be forced to pay a much bigger price. We all know that one cannot simply break the law and face no consequences. Modern justice system is very strict and no crime will remain unpunished. Of course, some people who committed misdemeanor crimes are considered first time offenders, at times are lucky enough to avoid full time in jail. Others are even able to avoid jail entirely. Instead, they are put on probation and are obliged to follow certain rules for a certain amount of time. Breaking those rules is called probation violation and is considered to be a crime that will have its consequences. Generally, probation assumes the following guidelines that one must follow without question:

– Performing certain community services
– Meeting probation officer according to the certain schedule
– Avoiding any kind of contact with other criminals, including the ones whom you know personally
– Attending counseling session that are related to the crime you committed. E.G. alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anger management and so on.
– Performing random drug tests
– Remaining at a specified area at all times. May also include wearing a special monitoring device.

Probation of Violation Is a Crime

Undoubtedly, violating any of the above-mentioned rules and guidelines or any other obligations set by the court, will inevitably be considered a crime and will be punished accordingly. This time though, the offender risks suffering from a much more serious sentence. If you violate your probation and want to avoid jail time, our Los Angeles probation violation attorney specialist is ready to meet you for a face to face FREE initial consultation to discuss the best defense strategy. Call our office at (855) 858-2755 to discuss the best options that you may have.

If Probation Is Violated, Is There A Possibility Of Going Back In Jail?

There are two forms of probation violation – technical violation or new offense. One way or another, any kind of Los Angeles probation violation is considered a continuation of one’s previous crimes and will be punished accordingly. Technical violation takes place if you did not follow your probation obligations that were set by the court. Here are three main reasons that could lead to the probation violation:

Failure to pay your court ordered restitution will lead to a violation.
Refusing to do a community service will reflect on a violation of probation.
Ditching your appointments with a probation officer can lead to a probation violation.

Probation officer will decide on whether to report your violation or not. For a minor violation that occurred for the first time, you will get only a warning, whilst repeated violation will be reported to the court. A probation hearing will then take place. The hearing is very similar to a genuine trial. The main difference is – only the judge will decide on your punishment instead of the jury. Largely, the judge will pick one of the following sentences, depending on the type of violation you committed:

– Paying a certain fine
– Extending the duration of your probation
Revocation of probation
– Short jail sentence that will be followed by continuous probation

If, however, you committed a new offense during your probation, you should prepare for consequences that are even more serious. Not only will you need to answer for violating probation but also in addition a new criminal case will be open against you. Surely, in this case, you can easily be sent back to jail. Your best option would be contacting an experienced Los Angeles probation violation lawyer at (855) 858-2755 to avoid any additional penalties.

What Is Probation Revocation?

Whether you violated any of the above-mentioned probation conditions or have managed to commit a new felony, you risk getting a probation revocation that will basically take away your probation and instead will send you to serve your previous sentence in full, adding new crimes and suitable punishment. With that said, regardless of how mild your Los Angeles probation violation may be, a revocation hearing will still take place. This particular hearing is very much different from a genuine trial.

A judge will not require any solid evidence that would confirm probation violation and will be satisfied with presumptions that imply you committed the felony. Hence, probation is actually much easier to lose than the trial itself. In most cases, people who violate the rules of probation, are sentenced to jail time, so it is best to follow all the rules of probation and not to make any attempts of breaking the law whatsoever.

Probation violation in Los Angeles is actually even more fraught with consequences than breaking the law in the first place. Therefore, one must always be very careful and do whatever the court is demanding. After all, those terms and conditions are not as challenging to follow and it is most certainly much better than being sent to prison. Although probation is usually the best alternative, it can just as easily turn all things around and will make things only much worse if you have managed to violate it.

What Is The Reason To Have An Experienced Los Angeles Probation Violation Lawyer?

Any typical Los Angeles probation violation is a serious offense, and some prosecutors and judges are very aggressive when it comes to breaking the rules of probation. In addition, the evidence against the accused does not have to be rock solid and in most cases, the probation hearing ends with the offender going to jail. With that said, if that is the case and you or your loved ones face a probation violation hearing, it is incredibly important to have a professional Los Angeles probation violation lawyers at your side.

A truly qualified Los Angeles probation violation attorney will be able to defend your rights using all the tools and methods he has. That way he will be able to argue about the judge’s decision and perhaps will even turn the tide to your benefit. One way or another, without good Los Angeles probation violation attorneys, there is almost zero chances to win the probation hearing. Therefore, if you or your loved ones are now considering the options you have, there is most certainly no better alternative than hiring probation violation expert who will have great experience and will know for sure what to do in cases like this.

Violating probation in Los Angeles should not necessarily mean going back to jail and a qualified probation violation attorney will be able to prove it. It is crucial to find a genuinely reliable Los Angeles probation violation lawyers who will not let you down and whose reputation speaks for itself. Our criminal experts are your best hope and only we may become your salvation. You may also browse through our Practice Areas and learn more about our criminal defense expertise.