Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Attorney

We all love our children, no matter what they do and how they act. Often, when watching news reports on TV or reading about latest events in the papers, we stumble upon juvenile crimes in Los Angeles that are committed by children who are not much older than the kids of our own. Of course, we cannot even imagine our child to break the law and are used to thinking that he or she is a good person who will never even hurt a fly. Unfortunately the reality is very cruel.

Statistical data demonstrates that juvenile crime rates are only growing in numbers and affect more and more children every year. It is impossible to think of your child as a criminal but regrettably, the legislation may see him or her this way after they committed actions that do not go well with today’s society standards. Call our Los Angeles juvenile defense attorney now (855) 858-2755.

How Can a Juvenile Crime Affect Your Future Life?

Even though a Los Angeles juvenile crime suspect is not treated the same way as an adult, the charges that he or she faces are going to remain in their records for a very long time. In addition, depending on how serious the committed crime was, children risk ending up in juvenile correctional facilities, where they will be forced to spend years of their lives. Hence, it is obvious that a juvenile crime record is not going to look good when looking for a job or trying to enter an educational facility. Therefore, it is crucial to fight for your child and the best choice is having a skilled Los Angeles juvenile defense lawyer on your side. An expert can find a way to confront all possible charges and find the best way to try to dismiss it.

The following is a list of common juvenile offenses in Los Angeles, CA:

Will Juvenile Crime Offender Be Treated As An Adult Criminal?

juvenile crime defenseRegardless of the committed crimes, Los Angeles juvenile crime offenders cannot be treated as adult criminals. This is the law and any Los Angeles courtroom is obliged to follow it. Children are not submitted to the adult criminal justice system and instead are judged by the juvenile crime justice system. In addition, juvenile criminals in most cases are released on probation and rarely go to correctional facilities, unless their crimes demand it.

Hence, if your son or daughter committed a crime that is eligible for juvenile crime justice system, you should first consult a professional Los Angeles juvenile defense lawyer at (855) 858-2755 in order to learn more about the ways to help your child and get him or her out of this distressful situation. After all, children do not always know what they are doing and cannot be held responsible for some of their actions. If that is the case, only qualified Los Angeles juvenile crime attorneys will provide you with all the necessary assistance and will aid your son or daughter to avoid having any criminal records in their personal history.

What Is The Difference Between Juvenile And Adult Criminal Justice Systems?

Generally, the juvenile criminal justice system is very different from the adult one. To be more specific:

– Juvenile criminals are not eligible for a public trial with the jury. The judge himself performs the juvenile crime hearing and only he is able to determine whether the juvenile criminal is guilty or not in line with all of the acquired evidence.
– Juvenile criminals are not trialed for their criminal acts but instead for delinquent actions. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that some serious delinquent acts may well be considered major crimes and thus will be transmitted to the criminal court for further hearing.
– Juvenile hearings are much less formal and even allow some concessions, like a more open court hearing available for more people.
– If the juvenile criminal is found guilty, the judge will decide what kind of punishment he or she deserves.

This is where the main difference between the juvenile and adult criminal systems is most relevant. Unlike the criminal justice system, where people are sentenced to jail in order to keep them away from the society, the Los Angeles juvenile crime justice system has much more different intentions. It focuses on reintegrating the offender back into the society in order to make him or her functional once more. Hence, the judges are usually more inclined to consider probation with family members rather than anything more severe. This way the young offender will have a chance to change his or her personality for the better.

How Aggressive And Dedicated Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Lawyer Can Help In Your Case?

Although in most cases the Los Angeles juvenile crime justice system is allowing young offenders to get back into society without facing time in the correctional facilities, there are occasions when a particularly determined prosecutor wishes to “make an example” out of the child and insists on the maximum punishment. If this is the case and you are afraid that your son or daughter will be sent to jail, do not hesitate to find professional Los Angeles juvenile crime attorneys as soon as it is possible.

Only truly aggressive and dedicated Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyers will be able to stand up for your child and will convince the court that your son or daughter is actually a good person who just made a mistake that he or she will not repeat ever again in the future. Of course, it is very difficult to see your child being prosecuted for a crime that he or she committed. However, think about how difficult it will be to see your son or daughter sent to a correctional facility.

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Furthermore, the criminal record will not be an advantage when trying to get higher education or looking for a job. Such a juvenile crime record will basically affect your child’s entire life and it is undoubtedly your duty as a parent to stop this from happening at any costs. If you wish to get your son or daughter out of the courtroom and to take him or her home, contacting our criminal defense lawyer at (855) 858-2755 is the best resolution that can be done at this point. Such an expert will do his very best to provide the judge with some trustworthy evidence that will show how good of a person your child really is and that he or she deserves a second chance.

In the end, it is important to understand that no one in this entire world is perfect and we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, do not let your son or daughter’s mistake determine his or her whole life. After all, despite all the circumstances, deep inside your heart you know that your children deserve a much better future. If you need more information about Los Angeles criminal defense attorney click here to visit our homepage.