Los Angeles Intimidation Defense Attorney

Los Angeles Intimidation Defense Attorney

IntimidationLos Angeles intimidation defense attorney: If you reside in the state of California or any other state for that matter, you have no right to intimidate or threaten people. In case you will do so, you risk being charged with the crime of intimidation. These charges are applicable for any individual who lives in the same house as the victim, meaning it can be girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, children or parents and any other cohabitants.

Typical intimidation may include criminal threats that are meant to stop the person from calling the law enforcement officers, raised voice or yelling at the individual and even destroying the surroundings in order to frighten the person. Any of the above-mentioned forms of intimidation may well have very serious legal consequences. Communication between the people who live under the same roof may at times take some unexpected turns. However, once the things get out of control, the authorities are forced to get involved and the court may take legal actions. In case you were charged with the crime of intimidation, it is very important to get in touch with an experienced as well as professional criminal defense lawyer, who will aid you in dealing with the issue properly.

A good Los Angeles intimidation defense lawyer realizes that these charges may have a very negative impact on your family relationship, your reputation and this is why he will do his very best to come up with a solid defense strategy that would deliver positive results.

Legal Penalties For The Crime of Intimidation

There are two types of criminal intimidation offenses – misdemeanor and felony. If you are convicted for a misdemeanor intimidation, you may spend some time in the correctional facility as well as obligated to pay court fines. However, if you are conceited for a felony crime of intimidation, you will risk spending up to 4 years in prison as well as will have to pay up to $10,000 in fines.

When it comes to the cases of intimidation, it is rather difficult to determine who is to blame and it is generally up to the judge and the jury to decide. This is also one of many reasons why it is best to have a good lawyer who would defend your legal rights in the court of law.

If you were accused of intimidating another person, do not hesitate to contact a good Los Angeles intimidation lawyer and let him assess your case in order to help him develop a better defend strategy that would help you in court. If you were accused of intimidation, call our law offices to avoid jail time.

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