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Glendale is beautiful city bisected by Verdugo Mountains. The city has one of the most expensive estates located in secluded gated mountain communities.

Glendale is home to one of the largest Armenian communities outside of Armenia. Armenian families started immigrating to the city in early nineteen hundreds, but the biggest jump in Armenian population the city has experiences in late nineteen hundreds, when Armenians from former Soviet Union started to populate the area. The Armenian community has greatly influences both the cities appearance and economy.

Glendale has a lot to offer to its residents. The city is a home to more than fifty parks, including the Deukmejian Wilderness Park, and features plenty of places for fun outdoor activities. One largest park is the Griffith Park which is located across the border of Glendale, which is a great advantage for the residents.

Glendale is famous among fashion lovers. The city is a home to one of the largest malls in the county, the Glendale Galleria. The Glendale Galleria offers a wide variety of stores to fulfill everyone’s liking and wallet size. Across the street from the Glendale Galleria located the Americana. The Americana is featuring some of the finest dining options along with some of the luxurious apartment. The Americana is very popular among residents of the entire county due to its pleasant appearance and a successful combination of shopping, dining and lounging.

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The popularity of Glendale among the residents is a good thing for the local businesses, however, it reflects badly on the crime rate. Even though, the crime rate in Glendale is near the average among cities in United States, the chances of becoming a victim of a property or violent crimes are one in fifty seven. These statistics keep Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer busy around the clock. If you found yourself in need of a criminal defense, do not hesitate to contact Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer as early as possible to get the help you need.

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