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Criminal ThreatsLos Angeles criminal threats attorney – the Penal Code clearly states that it is a crime to threaten to kill someone or to severely injure a person. The threats can come in verbal from, written form or via electronic communication tools. The individual who is sending the threats, should intend to demonstrate that the threats are serious and he or she is not simply joking around. Criminal threats are rather common these days all over the nation. These threats are considered a wobblier, which basically means that they can be either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances that are surrounding the crime.

What Are Criminal Threats?

In case you are charged with a felony criminal threat crime, it will be your first strike in accordance with the Penal Code. However, in case you have three strikes, you could be facing up to 25 years in prison. In such a situation, it is crucial to hire a qualified as well as experienced lawyer to help you alleviate the legal consequences of your actions. If you find yourself in a tough situation, when you are charged with threatening a person, it is very important to find an attorney that will not let you down and will stand beside you at all time, doing his best to convince the court and the prosecution that you had no ill intentions whatsoever.

The first and foremost goal of a good Los Angeles criminal threats lawyer would be to prove that the threats were not serious and there was no intention to actually harm a person. In case you are convicted for a criminal threat, you could be spending up to 3 years in prison. Of course, if you have criminal history, the penalties will be even harsher.

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These are reasons why you should consider hire a genuinely qualified as well as aggressive lawyer who had to handle similar cases in the past. He is your only chance to alleviate the sentence and to prove to the court that you deserve a second chance. After all, it is a tough world we all live in and at times people just snap, so not all the threats should come as serious crimes. Occasionally, stress and anxiety push us to say and do things that we actually did not mean. A good Los Angeles criminal threats lawyer will demonstrate to the court that you did not mean what you said or done and you will not need to face criminal penalties. If you were arrested for criminal threats, call us immediately!

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