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What Is a Child Pornography Offense?

Sexual crimes are major Los Angeles criminal offenses that are prosecuted and punished by law. The punishment will be even more severe in case the offender was involved in any illegal actions that were related to child pornography. Modern laws prohibit any kind of child pornography, regardless of whether it was possession, production or distribution of any pornographic imagery, videos and even computer-generated visuals. The law is very strict in this regard and the punishment might be too harsh without any proper defense tactic. To be more specific, a child pornography offense applies to following cases:

You cannot possess any underage pornographic images or videos at your home or computer.
It is a serious federal offense to sell any underage pornographic material or distribute it.
Production of child pornography is strictly prohibited in the US and other countries.

Hence, it is quite obvious that child pornography is a major offense, no matter how you look at it. The punishment for this offense usually involves imprisonment without any involvement of Los Angeles child pornography lawyer specialist and can easily ruin a person’s life with its criminal record indefinitely.

How serious is a child pornography offense in California?

In the state of California, just as in any other region of the country, a child pornography offense is a major crime that is usually being prosecuted in a very serious manner. First of all, it is important to understand, that the offenders in this case can be prosecuted by the Department of Justice, FBI, the U.S. Attorney General, the U.S. Customs, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, local or state law enforcement, state attorneys general and local or state prosecutors, depending on the crime they committed. After all, in our days of modern technologies and World Wide Web solutions, child pornography is generally distributed through online services, which makes it a federal offense that will be investigated by federal authorities.

It is no secret that our society is not very forgiving when it comes to child pornography for lots of reasons. The crime is surely a serious federal offense and requires a real skilled and aggressive defense from expert Los Angeles child pornography attorney. Therefore, nearly any court and any judge may sentence the offender to a long imprisonment if convicted. In addition, the convict will need to pay a large fine and will be obliged to register as a sex offender on Megan’s Law Website.

To be more accurate, in the City of Los Angeles, CA, people who are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor child pornography offense, risk going to jail for a year and will have to pay a fine that constitutes $2 500, whereas a felony offense will be punished with up to 8 years in jail and a $100 000 fine.

What Are The Consequences Of a Child Pornography Conviction?

Child PornographyApart from doing time in jail and paying a large fine, any child pornography criminal will be registered as a sex offender. People, who have such a criminal record, will most certainly encounter a lot of problems even after being released from imprisonment. Sex offenders are not welcome in our society and therefore it is very difficult for any of them to find a job, rent an apartment or apply for any social program. Besides, their criminal record will be open for everyone, so people surrounding those offenders, will generally treat them as dregs of society in the best-case scenario. This is why it is important to fight child pornography charge right from the beginning.

The criminal record with remain with them up until the very end of their lives and will affect every little thing they may be involved in. Also offenders might have issues with family, friends, co-workers and neighbors in general.

Therefore, the consequences of a major child pornography offense in Los Angeles can be truly dire and will have a very long lasting impact on one’s existence. His or her life might become absolutely hellish – time in prison, followed by living as an exile until the rest of the days. Is there anything more dreadful, disturbing and horrifying? This is why our skilled Los Angeles child pornography lawyers come forward to help. It is very important to talk to the attorney and bring all the details on the table to begin crafting a strong defense.

Why Do You Need An Expert Los Angeles Child Pornography Attorney On Your Side?

Seeing just how the society largely reacts to any child pornography related offenses, it is evident that most prosecutors and judges will be very quick and aggressive when dealing with alleged Los Angeles child pornography offenders. Even if you were simply unfortunate enough to accidentally stumble upon some sort of child pornography material and do not have even a slightest idea as to how or when you have managed to view it, your arguments alone will not be able to stop the court from convicting you to imprisonment.

In addition, even if you will get a minimal sentence, you will still be registered as a sex offender, which automatically means not being able to find any decent employment opportunities, any friendly property owners or any welcoming neighbors. Being deemed as a Los Angeles sex offender will follow you to the very end, even if you know that you did not commit any kind of crime and were prosecuted by mistake.

That is the main reason why it is so important to have the most qualified Los Angeles child pornography attorneys at your side in the courtroom. A professional lawyer will be able to gather all the evidence necessary to prove your innocence. It is best to find a good Los Angeles child pornography attorney who will not be afraid to deal with the judge and the prosecutors on his own. Our Los Angeles child pornography lawyer will be your good chance of avoiding severe consequences that a child pornography offense can have on your life. Contact us for your FREE detailed face to face consultation today.