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bench warrantA Los Angeles bench warrant is an official order coming directly from the judge to bring person to court as soon as possible. Even though there are no reasons to arrest you for committing a crime against the society, oftentimes there are plenty of reasons to arrest you for committing a crime against the court itself. The court is authorized to issue a special bench warrant in case you failed to appear in court, failed to pay a fine or committed a probation violation. In cases like these, law enforcement officers who have the bench warrant issued by the court, are entitled to arrest you on site and to bring you in court immediately.

Our experienced and skilled Los Angeles bench warrant attorney offers an alternative to deal with the bench warrant before the arrest. You have to realize it is not necessary to be arrested to fight the bench warrant. If you have any outstanding bench warrants, contact us at (855) 858-2755 to avoid jail.

Nevertheless, the media have managed to mislead us as to how a bench warrant is different from a standard arrest warrant, so people do not really know what to do when being arrested and presented with a bench warrant in the process. Needless to say though, there are certain rules that even law enforcement officers need to follow when performing the arrest and you still have your legal rights that you can use in fighting against the unjust court decision.

What Are The Reasons That Could Lead To A Bench Warrant?

It is always very important to follow judge’s orders and to appear in court on time.
People who are convicted for a misdemeanor or felony, might also be obliged certain fines.
If  you did not comply with all the court orders, you will face consequences.

Although the bench warrant is very different from the arrest one, the reasons that lead to being arrested in line with this court issued document, can at times be rather ridiculous. For example, not paying for a traffic ticket can easily get you arrested because the court and the entire justice system find it appropriate. Of course, there are much more ponderable reasons, like failing to pay child support or violating probation. One way or another, some people are taken by surprise when a law enforcement officer who pulled them over for speeding, suddenly arrests them based on a Los Angeles bench warrant that was issued because they did not pay some small fines. Despite the fact that some individuals are more than willing to argue about how right or wrong such an approach really is, Los Angeles bench warrants still get thousands of people arrested on a yearly basis. Furthermore, law enforcement officers often treat people as though they are being arrested for an actual crime they committed, which is never a very pleasant thing indeed. Legal specialist such as our Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer has over 25+ years of experience dealing with this kind of cases and he knows the system good enough to handle any kind of issue successfully. Contact us immediately for you free initial consultation at (855) 858-2755.

Important To Know

It is very important to know your rights and to have the means to defend them. Otherwise, you will end being helpless against the clutches of justice and will be brought to court like some kind of offender who killed someone or have stolen something. Even a bench warrant is not reason enough to treat you as if you had no rights at all. Try to remember it and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Be Aware That Bench Warrants Never Expire

Some people, who committed a crime against the court by not paying the fine or something else often forget about the issued Los Angeles bench warrant that allows the law enforcement officers to arrest them later on. At times, many years pass and one day a person runs out of luck – he or she is detained for an insignificant violation and then suddenly is arrested because of the warrant that actually never expired. All bench warrants issued by the court do not have any kind of time limits and can surprise you even decades later.

However, it all depends on how badly the court will want to get you. Very often, the judge will give up on the case or will not dig any deeper because the violation was absolutely insignificant. It does not mean that you should count on such resolution. Besides, moving to another state will probably not save you for very long, seeing how a bench warrant is reason enough to get you extradited to the court of another state.

It is also important to understand that a bench warrant issued by the court will remain in your background history until you will perform one of three things – get yourself arrested, spend the required amount of time in jail or pay the fine for violating the law. One way or another, although the arrest on its own may be quite frightening, there is always a better solutions that will not allow you to pay a higher price.

Our Los Angeles Bench Warrant Lawyer Is Your Best Choice

If you were arrested in line with a bench warrant issued by the court, there is a ton of nuances that can get you out of trouble in case you have the knowledge and expertise that will allow you to point out the unlawful actions that took place during the arrest itself. For example, seeing how you still are an American citizen, even during the time of your arrest, the law enforcement officer is obliged to tell you your rights. If he failed to do so, it makes the arrest illegal, which is a perfect offensive position to take up in court.

There are numerous other law firms similar to ours and they all will promise you to avoid having a bench warrant in your background history. However, in order to get all the proper protection, you will surely need to use the services of a professional Los Angeles bench warrant lawyer who will know exactly what he is doing. If that is the case and you or your loved ones are currently in need of a qualified lawyer, we simply cannot help but recommend you to get in touch with our talented specialist who will always be more than happy to help you.

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