DUI Probation

Get Better Understanding About DUI Probation

If you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, you will have to face a number of serious legal penalties. Sure enough, your driver’s license will be suspended for up to 6 months. You will also have to pay up to $1000 dollars, attend special alcohol awareness classes and even acquire SR-22 type driver’s license, which is particularly designed for high risk drivers. However, the most frightening punishment of all would be spending ample time in jail.

In case it is the driver’s first DUI offense, there are actual chances that the judge will go easy on him or her and put the driver on probation. However, if a person will not adhere to all the legal guidelines and rules of probation, he or she will be facing even more serious legal consequences that will only worsen the overall punishment. Depending on whether the DUI offender committed a misdemeanor crime or a genuine felony, his or her probation requirements may go as followed:

Misdemeanor or informal probation requirements:
– Obligatory payment of any state issued fines
– Mandatory alcohol or drug awareness program
– Special restraining order
– Some DUI offenders will have a special ignition interlock installed in their vehicles
– Community service

Felony or formal probation requirements:
– Specially assigned probation officer, whom the offender will have to report to on a day to day basis
– The offender will be obliged to remain in the state of California
– Regular drug test for the offender
– Obligatory payment of any state issued fines
– Mandatory alcohol or drug awareness program
– Community service and court order therapy sessions

When it comes to violating probation, the legal guidelines determine violation as:
– Not appearing in court
– Getting in contact with any criminal elements
– Getting arrested
– Having illegal drugs, weapons or any other unauthorized items
– Failure to pass the alcohol or drug test
– Not getting in contact with court assigned probation officer and so on

Regardless of the type of DUI crime you have committed, it is very important to have a qualified as well as experienced lawyer by your side to help you with any probation related issues and to defend your legal rights in the court of law. We do not recommend to waste your time after DUI arrest. Contact our legal specialist now!

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