Restraining Order

Getting A Restraining Order

If you received a restraining order due to being accused of domestic violence, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. The legal effects of a restraining order may have a very negative impact on your life, will remain in your records and will be essential when it will come to children custody rights.

Generally speaking, there are two categories of restraining orders – a domestic violence restraining order or a civil harassment restraining order. A domestic violence restraining order comes into the frame in case the act of violence took place within a certain type of relationships, such as husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, co-habitants or brother-sister

If a person wishes to get a domestic violence restraining order, the victim will need to demonstrate that the abuse already took place and will carry on unless a restraining order will be issued by court.

In case the victim wishes to apply for the TRO (temporary restraining order) ex-parte, she or he will receive it immediately if a good cause is demonstrated to the court. Furthermore, a hearing will be scheduled within 21 days from getting the order so as to establish whether or not this restraining order is really necessary. By the time you get the order from the sheriff, it is highly advisable to contact a qualified as well as experienced attorney to assist you through all the legal proceedings. Even if a TRO was issued without hearing your side of the story first, you will be forced to wait for the hearing to take place and express your opinion to the judge at it.

Get In Touch With A Skillful Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to domestic violence, a restraining order may imply a number of things. For instance, you may be forbidden to approach the alleged victim or contact him or her, you may be ordered to stay away from the kids if they are also involved or you can have some limited visitation rights and such.

Contact us now to schedule your free face to face consultation for your restraining order case. The effects of the order may last up to 5 years and if you are innocent, you will surely want to hire the very best attorney out there to prove it.

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