Failure To Pay A Fine

The Importance Of The Deadline To Pay a Fine

In the majority of criminal cases, people who are convicted for a misdemeanor or felony, will also be obliged certain fines in addition to other penalties. Sure enough, the fines can be very substantial. If fact, the fine depends on the committed crime, so in some cases people will need to pay several hundred dollars, whereas in others they will be obliged to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of how big the fine may be, it is very important to pay it on time, since otherwise you will be facing even harsher and stricter legal consequences. Not paying the fines on time may well be considered a misdemeanor on its own and, depending on the committed crime, the convicted individual will risk facing following consequences:

– The judge will issue a bench warrant, which will provide the law enforcement officers with the permission to arrest the guilty individual on sight within a certain amount of time.
– In some cases, failure to pay the fine will also lead to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) suspending one’s driver’s license.
– Not paying the fines on time may also lead to probation violation, since fines are included in the obligatory conditions of probation. Violating probation is without any doubts a very serious crime that will result in even more legal consequences.

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In case you were obliged to pay a fine, it is necessary to find a way to do so within the given time. Of course, not everyone is capable of getting the money on time, which makes it one of the reasons why it is important to have a qualified attorney by your side to help you deal with the issue properly.

An experienced lawyer will do everything in his or her power to help you avoid additional legal consequences should you fail to pay the fine on time. Therefore, if you are facing this dilemma, do not hesitate to get in touch with a good attorney and he or she will be able to craft a proper defense strategy that will satisfy your needs and requirements. If you missed your day to pay a court fine, please call our law firm to avoid bench warrant to be issued against you.

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